5 Shocking Reasons why you can’t shed the unwanted pounds

Close-up of a young woman exercising with a jump rope
Abs are made in the kitchen and polished in the gym – Rese Carter

“Arggghhhhhhh,”  “Why can’t I loose this weight”?  “Why is my belly so huge”?

Is this you? Are you at your wits-end?

You have been working so hard, months have passed, and progress is almost non existence.  You are super frustrated because you wanted to be slim and trim for that special event. Perhaps there is no event but your weigh is affecting your over all health. . Whatever your reason, you are completely annoyed at this point. Perhaps on the brink of giving up the quest.

Why can’t you shed those unwanted pounds? After all, you have tried all the latest diet trends you have seen on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest …etc  You are a regular fitness magazine subscriber, you got the gym membership and you drink shakes,  so what the heck is going on?

You are not alone, are you aware of the 5 Shocking reasons you are stuck?

Reason 1:  YOU are comparing yourself to other!

Please don’t get mad at me, but stop  for a moment and ask yourself, ” Have I been comparing myself to others”?

It’s not your fault. We live in the age of Social Media. We are constantly bombarded with beauty standards that are hard to achieve.  This has polluted our sense of self worth and values in so many ways. For example you get onto Instagram, and you see the girls with tiny waistlines , well shaped abs, and slender thighs, you know the ones with the thigh gap….oh yes…then you begin to beat upon yourself.

You  see tons of before and after pictures,



and you expect an overnight change. Sorry but you will not get an “INSTAbody”.

You spend more time comparing  your body to someone else’s than actually taking action. At first you convince yourself it’s for inspiration but is it really?

It’s really hard not feel low, when you desire something that is elusive to you but “seems” so easy to others. Whatever you do, don’t compare yourself to others. It is thwarting your progress big time, I promise.


In my Health Coaching practice, I have worked with dozens of women various countries, and nationalities. In our sessions I usually hear about diets their friends have tried and it has worked.

Thank goodness for the school I studied at “Institute for Integrative Nutrition”. We were taught over 100 dietary theories. We were also taught the concept of bio-individuality, no one diet will work for anyone. Losing weight will happen when you have the right diet for YOU.

There are way too many factors to contemplate when taking on a nutritional program as well as the right fitness regime. For example if you have a thyroid issue, then your diet will be different from someone who has hypertension. This is why it is so critical to work with professional and not self diagnosed.

Just as your finger print is unique to you, so will your diet need to be.

Consider getting a Health Coach….

Reason 3: YOUR WORK out Program is not balanced or challenging

Our bodies are designed in such an intricate and miraculous way. If you have been doing the same exercises over time, your body will begin to peak. It is imperative to switch things up (muscle confusion). If you are the kind of person that likes to do group cardio, that is awesome but be careful not to get lost in the crowd.

I am the Health Coach at a State of the ART gym in Germany. Every day I witness a number of women who are at the gym religiously doing 1hour of cardio but not seeing much progress.

Could this be due to lack of  weight training? Absolutely.  Weight Training helps you to get stronger,  burns fat, minimize the risk of many illnesses, fights against osteoporosis, and of course that well toned physique.

Don’t worry you will not look like the hulk. Moderate weighs with high reps will keep you looking sizzling.

Reason 4: You think you can eat anything because you work out


This is one of the greatest myths. At the very least you will maintain your weigh but you will not see much progress. There is still a lot of science around weight loss. In order for you to loose weigh your body needs a deficit in calories over time (not all calories are created equal).  Your body also needs foods that will promote weight loss. If you eat foods that are highly processed and stripped of nutrients, I suspect you may not see the results you desire.  The more you eat unhealthy foods,  the more you will crave them.

It’s important to determine the right daily caloric intake for your height/weight/age range. Once you know what this is, you will need to calculate your optimal daily calorie burn. You must ensure you are tracking this on daily basis.

We can discuss this in a session email me @  coachresec@gmail.com, let’s chat!

Reason 5 You Lack Discipline & Consistency

Coaching can help!

This should have been my number one reason. Too often people get excited when they decide to take on a weight loss journey. However, quite quickly the excitement fades and it gets more daunting. Are you guilty of always starting over? If you truly desire to lose weight and keep it off, then it requires discipline and consistency.

Visiting the gym and eating an occasional salad will not do the trick.  The weigh loss journey is no doubt  tedious and sometimes frustrating.  However, with consistency and discipline  you will see the results.  Treat your wellness regime like you would a business opportunity, take it seriously. Block out time on your calendar to work out and to prepare healthy meals.


There many reasons that your weight loss  journey is not going according to plan. Additionally to the 5 reasons above,  there are so many other reasons your efforts are being thwarted.

Whatever the reason, this can be overcome with the right plan for you.  Working with a professional to kick start your journey is always advisable. I can’t tell you how many clients say, they wished they had met me sooner. Simply because they were missing so many key strategies.  A Health Coach is a supportive mentor, who helps you to reach your wellness goals in a strategic manner.  Could one conversation change your life?

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