Beer Bath, Pilsen & Prague


Beer Unlimited was the” modus operandi”. It was my husband’s birthday and I wanted to give him an incredible experience.  We are not big on material gifts as much as experiences, so I had to ensure it was amazing.

I enlisted the help of a girlfriend and her suggestion was a beer spa. It was simply brilliant and I knew that he would be amazed. My husband truly likes a good beer, his current favorite is Paulaner ( Brewed by German brewery that has been around since 1634).

We drove approximately 11/2 hours from our home in Germany to get Plzeň (also called Pilsen), Czech.  The city of Pilsen, is about 90 kilometres west of Prague. I was super excited, because they are known for amazing beer.  Ironically, I don’t like beer but it was all about the birthday boy ;-).

About 30 minutes after arriving we got to the  Purkmistr Spa, I brought a swim suit…which was not needed.  Basically, you sit in beer, in the nude for about 20 minutes. NO you do not drink the beer you are sitting in! There is a beer keg beside your tub, with the good stuff, and you can drink unlimited beer.

Beer Bath

The spa is absolutely sexy and romantic.

Apparently it was so romantic and sexy because the couple in the next grid over was getting it on.

Check out our bath —->

Sorry I can’t show you the pictures with us in the bath….:-)

Once we started soaking, the effects of the beer was quite swift.  The smell of the beer is actually quite soothing and pleasant.

Beer baths are said to be great for hair and skin regeneration.  It also increases blood circulation and revitalizes the nervous system. The Health Coach in me needed to justify the benefits.

After the bath, we went to the relaxation room and yes, we had more beer. You can meditate and simply be. I wont lie, we chatted the entire time. We were giddy with excitement from the adventure. The experience was yummy and I scored major points with hubby.

Outside the Purkmistr hotel

After the spa, we took a CAB to the city center.  Neither of us were fit to drive :-). We had a nice buzz but we were not drunk.  The city center was simply breathtaking. The architecture was quite intricate and the building were very colorful. Czech, women are quite the fashionistas and very stunning.

Colorful Czech


After our mini tour of the City center, we headed back to our hotel and enjoyed a delicious dinner.


Next day—-> we were off to Prague. Okay, I was not prepared for the grandeur of the buildings and how packed the city was. Tourist from all over were crammed into the city center.  I cannot emphasize enough the intricacy of the craftsmanship on the building.

Of all the amazing buildings I saw, I fell in love with the astronomical clock.  I took these pictures on my phone.  They do no justice but I hope it gives even a semblance of Czech and more specifically what I saw in Prague. Just take a look at all the details surrounding this building.  Sculptors carefully crafted to adorn the building.

The architects were simply all about details. No wonder Prague is one of the place many people visit. It’s also not expensive, as the Euro is by far stronger than the Czech Koruna (CZk)

The clock
Astronomical Clock

All in all, I would love to go to Prague again, I believe we only scratched the surface.

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